Purple Moon ELC


Fun with MUD!

Did you know that "Forest Schools," where kids play outside for the majority of each day, are growing in popularity, especially in Europe and Scandinavian countries? You can literally see and hear the joy the kids are experiencing! I know, it may seem a little extreme for our country, and many parents and teachers would cringe.  But there is something so special about jumping in a mud puddle. Have you ever walked past a puddle with a young child? They instinctively jump!

Think about mud and children. A mud kitchen is perfect for any developmental level. Mud, buckets, bowls, water, sticks, and leaves can benefit a child’s fine motor muscles, math and spatial development, imagination, experimentation with measurement and mixing, social interaction, and language development as they invent stories for their play with peers and describe what they are seeing and feeling. There are also health benefits being exposed to harmless bacteria that build immunities in their system.  An overly sterilized environment has been blamed for increases in allergies and food intolerances in today’s youth.  Let's loosen up our grip on being clean and allow our kids to dig in and enjoy the cognitive benefits, diversity of play, and the fun in MUD!


Marnie Kortobi